Wat  Buddharatanaram

Wat Buddharatanaram is a non profit organization which relies on the donations of fellow Buddhist from around the world. Donations are used
to pay for the temple expenses such as the ultility bills and also on special expansoin projects of the temple.

 Donations can be made in person or sent via mail to:
                        Wat Buddharatanaram
                        PO Box 823
                        Keller, TX 76244-0822
   All donations are deeply appreciated. May the Lord Buddha bless you all.

Visitors please review the etiquette before visiting the temple.  

Wat Buddharatanaram

13059 Se ha payak Road, Fort Worth, TX 76244
Tel:  817.430.1365

Fax:  817.491.4928

Email:  watkellersangha@gmail.com





​Facebook: Watkeller America  

                    Wat Buddharatanaram


Revealing clothing, shorts, short skirts, low cute tops, and tank tops are inappropriate attire.  (For men and children, shorts are acceptable).  

Shoes must be removed before entering any halls. (Sandals or flip flops are acceptable to wear to the temple but must be removed before entering the halls).  

Standing or going too close to the shrine is refrained.  If you must go near the shrine, lowering oneself before the Buddha is an act of respect. 

Do not sit with the legs outstretched, as this is a sign of disrespect.  
If you feel the need to stretch your legs, refrain from pointing your 
feet directly at the shrine or the monks.

It is respectful to sit firmly on heels, kneel, sit with your feet folded to 
one side (mermaid style) or cross-legged (semi-lotus style). If that is difficult because of physical problem, it is permissible to sit in a chair 
in the back of the room.

Women are refrained from being close or touch the monks.

Men are refrained from being close or touch the nuns.

​​Cell phone must be mute or turned off while inside.​       

At this time the meditation class is not available at the monastery. It is in planning to make it available in the future.